The Gables of Fitchburg

The Basics of Respite Care

Respite care is a short-term stay at our Community which is often needed to until the resident returns to their home to live independently or is substitute care that provides temporary relief for caregivers that have been providing services at home. These brief breaks from the duties of caregiving can be vital to maintaining a positive outlook for caregivers with many duties to juggle, some of them incredibly stressful.   We offer long-term respite options that last for several weeks to a month.

No matter how long a period of respite care one pursues, you are provided with all of the benefits of the Gables and all of the care and comfort that we provide.  Often the goal is to give caregivers/families a break to focus on themselves and their personal responsibilities. 

Some caregivers may seek respite so they can take vacation or find a balance in their lives .

Whatever the reason, respite care is a great alternative when additional services are needed that cannot be provided at home or when caregivers need time to attend to their personal lives.