Our Passion

It is the passion of The Gables to enable seniors within our residence, and in the community, to maintain the dignity and respect that they have earned in life. We will empower them to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Located in rural and historic Fitchburg, just minutes from pharmacies, shopping, restaurants,( ​delete “remove malls)and medical offices.

 The Gables overlooks beautiful and active Coolidge Park and the Wallace Civic Center. The areas rural charm and scenic views provide a relaxing atmosphere while being close enough for an afternoon shopping trip!
At The Gables, you have the best of both worlds!

Home Is More Than A Place… It’s A Feeling.

At The Gables, even a casual visitor soon becomes aware of the cozy, home-like atmosphere that surrounds our community. Please come in for a visit and allow us to show you your new home.

You Have Piece of Mind

Residing at The Gables provides you with all the comforts of home, plus the added peace of mind and reassurance of knowing that caring staff members are close at hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our caregivers provide assistance with daily tasks and are fully competent to respond immediately in the case of an emergency. 

Enjoy the Company of Family and Friends

Residents of The Gables choose how they wish to spend their time. They can come and go as they please, whether it is in their own vehicle or with our scheduled transportation. In our home-like atmosphere, you can invite your family to dinner; socialize with your friends, or simply curl-up with a good book! You may choose to participate in any of the many social activities that we offer or just enjoy some quiet time in your apartment. At The Gables, you make the choice!

My Wellness

The My Wellness program helps connect our residents and their families with our Wellness Team. Through this program, the Wellness Team learns about and is empowered to accommodate both what the resident wants and what they need to live a healthy life. The My Wellness program includes:

  • My Wellness Assessment
  • My Service Agreement
  • My Care Conference
  • The Passionate Pass
  • Vitals (Electronic Medication Administration Record)
  • Integrated Service Systems
Incredible Food

My Food

At The Gables, we understand that food is more than just nutrition – it’s an experience. It’s also the center of much of our lives. Through the My Food program, we provide our residents with an upscale, passion-filled, and personalized culinary experience, every day. The My Food program includes:

  • My Recipe
  • My Community Signature Dish
  • My Birthday Meal
  • Themed Dinner
  • Cooking Demonstration
  • Weekly Chef Features
  • Seasonal Sips
  • MINDful Menu
  • Chef Selections

Experience Well-Being

At The Gables we are committed to providing compassionate care with a focus on the dignity and utmost respect that every resident deserves. We have a commitment to your well-being and we will provide the extra attention and comfort that you may need when you are not feeling well or just having a bad day. Our wellness team will continually strive to keep you as healthy and independent as possible. We are here to care for you!  ​Please call or stop by for more information and a tour.