About Us

Our Community is Different because our family cares about your family.

I’m often asked, what makes The Gables community different?

The answer is what you experience and feel when you walk through the door at our community – the friendly team members, happy residents and delicious culinary experiences. We are an independently owned family operated community that my family built in 1988.  In a age where everything is owned by large corporations, knowing that ownership is local and involved makes a difference because we are committed to the Community.  

When people step inside our doors and instantly feel welcome, they recognize our efforts to put quality first, it’s not an accident. We do everything we can to make sure that happens, to ensure our residents and families, employees and other visitors see and experience the excellent living environment we strive to create.

As more people grow older than ever before, the need for quality senior living continues to grow, too. We plan to be here for years to come to meet that need, creating an environment where older people can thrive and have the opportunities and support they need to continue to live fulfilling lives watching grand-children grow into adults.

Best regards,

Richard Pelletier, President
The Gables of Fitchburg, Ltd.

Chris Moge, Executive Director

I have been working for the Pelletier family for more than 40 years. I know firsthand that they have always had a strong commitment in contributing to the local community and caring about every aspect of each of their businesses and properties. I have been involved with The Gables from the very beginning in the construction and development of the community and now as its Executive Director.

We built our community in 1988 as one of the first dedicated senior living communities in North Central Massachusetts. With independent seniors in mind, our building was designed by an award-winning architectural firm to incorporate gracious and useful common areas and spacious apartments to promote the comforts of home.  Over 30 years later, we are still compliment on the design and size of our apartments. Our focus has always been on wellness, safety, comfort, convenience, and happiness.

We have been fortunate to develop a team of the most dedicated and caring employees. From our wellness team of Nurses and C.N.A.’s, to our housekeeping and dining room staff, activities, marketing and maintenance; everyone works together to make The Gables a wonderful place for our residents to call home.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Kristin Morse, Resident Care Director

I joined the Gables in 2015 as the Resident Care Director with more than 25 years’ experience in the health care industry. The vast majority of my career has been caring and supporting seniors in hospitals, nursing homes, homecare, and assisted living facilities. I take absolute pride in the quality of care and services out team provides to our residents. 

I am fortunate to have an incredible nursing staff that allows me to work directly with residents and families to develop individualized patient plans. I am so proud of high standards of health and safety offered at the Gables by our team. 

Prior to entering nursing I worked with adults with developmental disabilities and worked as the Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator for the Leominster Housing Authority. 

Besides nursing, I have a passion is learning and continue to take college level courses to further my knowledge of medicine. 

From our team, “You will always find Kristin researching something to do with medicine or science “

Patricia Peterson – Marketing Director

 Over the past 19 years. I worked my way up from Home Health aide to managing a local Homecare office while also leading their marketing efforts. When I first came to The Gables, I was hired as an aide and fell in love with the community, the family approach to everything and the joy of working with people that care.  Transitioning to marketing was easy because it is enjoyable to sell a community that you truly believe in.   Our team is a community of friends working together, helping families, and providing a smooth transition into a lifestyle that brings happiness to families.
Believing in the Gables and what I do here makes my job very easy.